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About us

Michael Issenberg

Michael Issenberg

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Accor Asia Pacific

Since our arrival in Australia in 1991, Accor has grown to be the clear leader in the hospitality and tourism industry in the region and now celebrates a unique advantage, represented by powerful brands that cover the full range of the market. From luxury to economy hotels, our growth and success has been based on a company culture that is dedicated to delivering superior results and building a strong network of loyal customers.

As Accor continues to expand in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, we invite you to share our growth and align your business with one of our internationally recognised brands.

With rapid and substantial changes to distribution channels and the increasing importance of technology and reservations systems, the Program is ideally placed to assist you to maximise your returns in an increasingly challenging market and give your business a competitive advantage.

I am excited to present the Accor Pacific Franchise Program and look forward to welcoming you as a franchisee.

Simon McGrath

Simon McGrath

Chief Operating Officer
Accor Pacific

Franchising has been an integral factor in Accor’s development in the past few decades, and we see it as a key priority for the future.

Our aim is to provide our franchise partners with the tools to achieve above-market performance. We have an outstanding professional team, dedicated to our franchise network, as well as state-of-the-art technologies and services to help integrate franchised hotels into the Accor network.

The fact that we have franchise partners that date back almost 20 years highlights the potential of the relationship, and in recent years the network has grown extensively in city, suburban, regional and resort destinations because of what Accor can bring to the table.

There is no doubt that hotel owners who want to continue operating their property can “stand out from the crowd” by joining the Accor network. As owners and operators ourselves, we understand the needs of our franchise partners and our team ensures that they are constantly listening – and responding – to their needs.

Accor’s ‘currency’ is its unparalleled range of brand options, its unsurpassed global sales, distribution and marketing team, and our proven record in maximising returns for franchisees.

We look forward to an even closer relationship in the future with our franchise partners.